Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Stills from 'The Astronomer's Vision'

Unfortunately I am unable to upload my short film to my blog as it is currently being entered into festivals but here are a few shots from my film. It's been a busy few weeks since the end of the course and I'm already missing my work area and the creative energy which kept us all motivated in the studio. Here are a few shots from my short film.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Early Layouts and Backgrounds

I enjoy the painterly feel of the backgrounds in samurai Jack. They have definatley been an influence whilst producing my layouts and backgrounds compositionally and for their use of colour. They have the balance and harmony found in many Japanese artworks, but I can also see an influence from Evyvind Earl who produced layouts and backgrounds for Sleeping Beauty.

I was influenced by the use of texture, I feel incorporating texture is important as using vector colours and backgrounds together can create a flat clean garish look to a piece of artwork or animation and adding texture could help to create a more handmade look.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Astronomers Vision

The journey continues... I have finally began work on my final short film.
Our short films are a collaboration with the National Gallery through their 'Transcriptions Project' in which we must produce a short film inspired by a painting from the National Gallery's collection

It took two visits to the National Gallery but at 1am whilst browsing the National Gallery website I was inspired by a painting called 'The Astrologer'. Obviously Astronomy and Astrology are two different subjects but I felt a connection with the painting and the idea of exploration.

After further browsing on the National Gallery website I came across two paintings 'The Astronomer' and 'The Young Astronomer'.

The basic premise is a lonely Astronomer who realises he is coming towards the end of his career. He notices a picture from his childhood and falls into a vision where he sees himself a child exploring space in a fantasy-like sequence and reconnects with his passion for astronomy and remembers that there is more to be discovered.